What We Do

All CANTEACH Universities work closely with the Ontario College of Teachers to assist students getting certification back in Ontario.


Application Info

CANTEACH Universities have been specifically chosen for the programs they offer.


Info Sessions

Find out about start dates, application dates and school fees like international student insurance, and approximate living expenses.


What is the role of CANTEACH?

Surfing at SumnerCANTEACH was specifically created to take Canadians pursuing their Teacher Certification abroad. CANTEACH is an official educational agency that recruits Canadian university graduates to Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales to obtain their Teacher Certification. These certifications are valid in Canada. Mike Johnson will take care of you through from the time you inquire to start your application to your full certification as a teacher back in Canada/Ontario.

Mike will provide CANTEACH students with assistance in their choice of where to apply, specific program information, application materials and instructions, requirements for teachables, interview prep, acceptance, student loans, student visa, flights, accommodation, banking, tuition payment, cell phone provider, airport pick-up (UC by Mike/UK coordinated with the University), teacher certification and job opportunities.

How can I obtain some basic information?

Brittany at UC LibraryYou can send through your information through the inquiry button.  A phone call with Mike is the best way to start the process.  A follow up personal meeting in Ontario at your University or a Pre-Departure meeting/Information Session in Toronto typically takes place in March and October. Please use the inquiry form to provide your name, phone number (skype address if you are outside of Canada), email address, where you are going to university, year of study, and any other relevant information or questions you have.  We can also talk on facetime or messenger. An individual appointment will be arranged with you to discuss the entire process, which includes, where do I start?, options, teachables, cost, certification, start dates and your individual timeline to attend.

The CANTEACH Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were specifically created as ‘quick’ must reads for all CANTEACH students. This specific introductory information gives students and parents a basic overview of the process and outlines the important FAQs.

Liking CANTEACH on Facebook, Instagram (can.teach) and YouTube Provide multiple ways to keep up to date and see what other CANTEACH students are doing/have done (i.e. applying, getting accepted, attending, travelling, graduating, getting certified and getting hired for Teaching jobs). Every CANTEACH student will also be put into a closed Facebook group for their university preference and start date. These Facebook groups work wonders for Mike to take you and those you are going to school with through the entire process from inquiry to certification. University representatives and past students are there for advice in these Facebook groups to support your attendance abroad.

Is this valid in Ontario now that Ontario has gone to a 2 year program?

Vanessa at Cardiff CastleYes. Students will be able to take one (1) year Teacher Certification programs abroad with CANTEACH and use that to gain full certification in Ontario. This will be discussed in detail over the phone with Mike Johnson.  You will also be able to meet University Representatives and CANTEACH Graduates who have been through the process that are working and teaching in ON.  This typically takes place at the Information Sessions/Pre-departure meeting in Toronto and October.

Electronic copies of all the paperwork from liaison meeting with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) on October 23rd, 2014 and beyond are available electronically after your individual appointment.  This is typically sent following the phone call along with application material and additional University information to assist in your application and attendance to Teachers College Abroad.

How hard is it to get certified in Ontario after the completion of Teachers College?

Mike Johnson is a Ontario Certified Teachers and Mike, as the Director of CANTEACH, will visit your campus abroad in person and provide you and your fellow students an on-site Teacher Certification Workshop. The certification workshop will take you through all the certification processes in the jurisdiction you are trained and back to Ontario/Canada. Mike will see you through the whole process, from your initial inquiry, your application to becoming fully certified in Ontario/Canada, after you have completed your program.  From when you are done your program/graduate from Teachers College it takes about 3 months to complete the certification process.  This timeline is discussed during the certification workshops.  Some students choose to travel a little to take advantage of their opportunity, some students choose to travel  significantly after completing their program and this extends that timeline further, depending on how long you travel for as you must come home to Canada in order obtain new police checks in order to be fully certified in ON/Canada.  Typically though a 3 month timeline for Certification back in Ontario/Canada is a realistic.