Student Loans and Visas

Student Loans

Many options are available for CANTEACH students. Typically, Students finish their studies in April and start the following late January/early February in New Zealand or Aug/Sept for the Scotland and Wales. This gives you a chance to work over the summer for the UK options or save for 8-10 months before starting Teachers College in New Zealand.

Another option is to approach a Canadian bank (i.e., the Royal Bank for a student line of credit). The Royal Bank offers a minimum 15K CDN student line of credit to those who have a co-signor. The amount is determined by the credit level of the co-signor.

Other students have have used OSAP for their study purposes abroad. OSAP loans are not available until you are actually studying at your University.

Student Visas

New Zealand Student Visa Process

Students will be applying on-line to the New Zealand High Commission regarding their student visa application. I will be able to supply the up to date New Zealand Visa application forms.

UK Student Visa Process – for Scotland and Wales

All CANTEACH students will be obtaining their Student Visa before arrival into Scotland and Wales. Scotland and Wales Universities work closely with all CANTEACH students to obtain their UK Student Visa.  This process is suggested to be started June 1st.

Australian Student Visa Process