University of Canterbury – New Zealand

The University of Canterbury (UC) offers excellent study, cultural, sporting and travelling experiences as part of a Teacher Education abroad for Canadian students.

As a former Senior Lecturer at the Christchurch College of Education in Christchurch (CCE – now the College of Education, University of Canterbury) Mike Johnson has a great deal of background and knowledge of the programs at UC.  Studying in New Zealand allows students to live in a prime location while participating in an excellent program that prepares them to teach while living in a very student friendly and enjoyable lifestyle.

The following Universities in New Zealand are represented and promoted by CANTEACH:

University of Canterbury – College of Education; Primary & Secondary – Christchurch (Late January Secondary start; early February Primary start; 1 year program)

All of my students who inquire about Teachers College in Australia or New Zealand are attending the University of Canterbury. This is for a few reasons:
1. UC has an excellent program.
2. UC has a 1 year program for both Primary and Secondary (Australia has gone to 2 years)
3. Students attending UC have great support as I live in Christchurch
4. I will pick you up at the airport when you arrive
5. I will provide you advice on banking and mobile plan/number on arrival
6. I am available via cell/mobile, email, facebook and messenger when you are applying and attending.
7. UC attends CANTEACH University visits to Canada/ON twice per year in March and October.  UC supports CANTEACH and CANTEACH students coming to Canada each and every year to meet students, parents and the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) since 2001 (my first visit to Canada for this purpose).

For more information check out the UC College of Education Brochure and the  CANTEACH Brochure

Application Materials

University of Canterbury: Christchurch – Primary (February Start) and Secondary  (January Start) – 1 year program

  1. a) CANTEACH Application Form
    b) University of Canterbury Application Instructions
  2. University of Canterbury on-line application and supporting docs.
    1. Please read the UC/CANTEACH instructions (above) before applying.i.      First you create an account
      ii.    Then you can apply for the Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary/Secondary).  Christchurch Campus.  CANTEACH (Agent); Mike Johnson (Contact).
      iii.   Upload all your documents ie. transcripts, resume etc. AND send me an email with all the attached supporting docs so that I know that you are done the on-line application and that all the supporting documents are available (I will also submit them).  I will get the originals from at some point (either you will mail them or hand them to me in Canada and we will discuss this).
  3.  Two (2) copies of the eReferee report can be filled out electronically – (Referees need to tick the Graduate Diploma Teaching and Learning Primary or Secondary as your program)
  4. Original Police Check
  5. Original Transcripts
  6. Photocopy of your Passport
  7. Resume
  8. Additional reference letters (copies only) (optional)
  9. Personal Statement: All material can be scanned into Mike Johnson on email to speed up your acceptance.
    All material can be scanned into Mike Johnson on email to speed up your acceptance.