Our Story

How CANTEACH Got Started

CANTEACH is the Official Canadian agent for Universities in New Zealand, Scotland and Wales (exclusively).

**CANTEACH students are able to apply and attend CANTEACH University options abroad for the 2024 academic year and onwards. Teacher Education Programs are available for CANTEACH students at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT-NZ), the University of Canterbury (UC), the University of the West of Scotland (UWS-Scotland) and Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met-Wales). Students have started and been able to complete their programs at Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of the West of Scotland Fall 2020, 2021, 2022 and the 2023 cohorts have arrived in Ayr and Cardiff to attend in the UK starting Fall of 2023.  The New Zealand border is open and CANTEACH students started at AUT in New Zealand July 2022 and February 2023 with another cohort having arrived in July 2023.  Students will be arriving to AUT and UC in Feb 2024 (last updated Sept 26th, 2023).**

CANTEACH was created for Canadians who want to do their Teachers College in New Zealand, Scotland, Wales or Australia and obtain their teacher certification. As a Canadian, who has studied and taught abroad, I am aware of the many benefits that this type of experience has to offer. During my time teaching at a teachers college in Buffalo, NY, I was amazed at the length and effort students would go to to obtain their teaching certificate. When I moved to New Zealand, it became apparent that Canadians needed to come to New Zealand for Teachers College. The UK was also a destination that I added and has many benefits for Teacher Training abroad in both Scotland and Wales.

The CANTEACH Advantage for you

Originally, the opportunity to travel while doing a one (1) year Teachers College program abroad, studying in New Zealand, Scotland or Wales, had many benefits to offer: wonderful people, the experience of a different culture, obviously living abroad and the chance to take part in world class training programs for preparing Teachers and Professionals. These benefits continue to be available to CANTEACH students and now, with the additional benefits of: saving a year of study, one (1) year abroad instead of two (2) in Ontario, saving approximately 10K for the second year’s living expense in Ontario and the ‘opportunity cost’ of Teaching for a year instead of being in University in Ontario, the option of going abroad for Teachers College has really solidified itself as the option of choice for CANTEACH students.  Upon completion of the program, I assist ALL CANTEACH students in receiving their full certification back in Ontario/Canada through a tried process set up for all Canadian students that attend CANTEACH University Programs.

I am Canadian and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The combination of my 30 years of experience, being Canadian, living abroad and enthusiasm for the teaching profession, I guarantee that I will take care of you. I look forward to working with you.

Background and Experience

The Director of CANTEACH has been working with Canadians training abroad since 1992.

Many Canadians look to broaden their personal and professional horizons by studying for their Teaching Certificate abroad. Mike Johnson has taught and/or worked with Canadians studying abroad to obtain their teaching certificate for over 30 years.

CANTEACH chooses only those Universities that liaise with governing boards like the Ontario College of Teachers, and other governing boards, for certification purposes in Canada and that support students to get Certified in Canada. These Governing Boards evaluate the programs promoted by CANTEACH and it’s member University programs meet the requirements to allow students to be able to become certified Teachers in Canada.

Mike’s Profile:

  • Director of CANTEACH for over 20 years (since March 2003).
  • Working with Canadians abroad for over 30 years (since August 1992).
  • Former Director of Student Teaching (Placements/assessment in Schools)
  • Former Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor
  • Teaching Experience in Canada, New Zealand and USA
  • Mike Johnson is a certified Teacher in Ontario and Alberta
  • Certification workshops and instructions provided to all CANTEACH Students by Mike Johnson

Every CANTEACH student that has completed their teacher training program abroad has been certified in Ontario/home province.

CANTEACH has quality programs for Canadians wanting to become Certified Teachers in Canada.