Tuition Fees/Start Dates

CountryUniversityProgramYearsTuitionCAD Conversion*Start Dates
New ZealandAuckland University of Technology (AUT)Primary(P)/Secondary(S)127,895 NZD***25,000 CAD*Jan 17 P/Feb 28 S
July 12 S (Mid year Secondary only)
New ZealandUniversity of
Primary/Secondary129,000 NZD* TBC26,000 CAD*January 31
ScotlandUniversity of the
West of Scotland
Primary/Secondary111,000 GBP**19,000 CAD*August 13
WalesCardiff Metropolitan
Primary/Secondary111,000 GBP19,000 CAD*September 1
AustraliaUniversity of the
Sunshine Coast
Primary/Secondary254,000 AUD*51,500 CAD*February

For more information please view the Dates and Fees table on the CANTEACH Brochure

*The tuition listings are current at the time of upload.  Currency conversion changes daily and these amounts are approximate.

**11,000 GBP includes a 2325 GBP Scholarship available at UWS for all CANTEACH PGDE students (Tuition is listed as 13,325.00 GBP that does not include the Scholarship).

***Includes a Dean’s Scholarship available at AUT for all CANTEACH  students (Tuition is listed as 27,895.00 NZD which includes the Scholarship).